Wounded Memories

Tha painful thing in missing your friends is the facing the fact that you could never be back on the times where only laughing compliments the crowd. Where touches cure and just a snap heals. When you feel secure and still comfortable even with eyes roaming around. that same eyes taht critisize and ye appreciates. Eyes taht chastise but give pieces of advice that helps. That same eyes I wish to see again.




Zen, Ana, Neth 


Jeff, Yorka, Leah, Len, Vine, Arquers, Cy-An, Apoli, Jym-p, Ceromines, Kim, Nina, Mariz



Palos, Dado Dayday, Dr. Tutoy, Teddy, Binay Binaytog







Haist miss ko na Talaga sila. Lalo ang hometon ko.





~ ni tina sa Agosto 22, 2008.

12 Tugon to “Wounded Memories”

  1. shucks!

    ang churvah nito ah!

    nose blood!

  2. lee-yow: masanay ka na. estudyante ako ng english language eh.

  3. ditto.

  4. hehehe — masarap talaga mag reminisce

  5. in what way can memories be wounded?

  6. I’ve been to Pasig Rain Forest yesterday…
    I was there…
    Like that day when all of us…
    On that place…
    Having a good time…

    But yesterday…
    There was no “we”…
    It is just “me”…
    Hoping I’m having a good time…

  7. things may not be the same anymore but you can still still make tidbits of it… ganyan kami ng mga friends ko coz we were classmates since kindergarten hanggang 4th year high school. imagine how it was when we entered college. so what we do is make time as much as possible for a get together. until now (na talagang matanda na kami), we still do that. those get togethers might not be as frequent as before but they are as special.

  8. gracey: try not to take it litterally. and youll see what i mean.

    Kenkay: totoo ka

    Westwind: i dont know what to say,.

    ifoundme: hope na kami din maging ganyan. ang tagal ng pinagsamahan nyo ahhhhhh. kami 1 year 2 years lang. pero it was thw happiest part of my life. no years is enough to bit that.

  9. Nice blog.

  10. huwaw!
    nosebleed uliT!
    eniweys, naintindihan ko naman kahit papaano…

    sige reminisce the past.

  11. Hirap maging busy?>

  12. busy ka pa rin 😦

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