cute nya.

para akong tanga kanina.

i wanted to talk to her but i refuse to do so.

i tried. but i really dont know what to say.

all i can do is laugh. ( the very thing i do everytime i’m on the midst of devastation)??????

which made me feel so pathetic.

i hate it this way. but i know i ask for it. there is nobody to blame but my careless being.

everytime i look at her the more i wreck the hurt!

i really don’t expect her to be there, and more that i was’nt ready to face her.

ng nakita ko sya.

grabe kinabahan ako.

bigla akong nahiya. and i felt that i should’nt be there. parang sinira ko lang gabi nya.

I’m not ready with my dialogue, with my speech.. mostly this days that storms are all over my place.

(though i really miss her. so much.)

It all started when we are elected as an officer of the speech club.

as classmates. we barely talk to each other. like,! a day will pass that i wont even notice if she’s absent or not.

but when we started working together, a relation was beaded, a thing that we dont notice at all.

but though we barely tagged each other as “friends”, i know deep within we are.

ewan ako. maybe i was just too foolish to hurt her. to dissapoint her.

and at this point. i realize how sorry i was suppose to be. with what i’ve done.

i’ve lied and i want to confess. but i dont know to whom should i.

i should not do that.. now i realize

male ang pag kaka alam ko.

and again


i dont know till when. maybe ’till i stop dissapointing people around me, mostly those whom i loved.


~ ni tina sa Oktubre 5, 2008.

Isang Tugon to “cute nya.”

  1. waw. ako ba yun.

    labyu. 😆

    nakakapagtampo ka. hindi mo ko kinausap. nangalabit lang. hmpf.

    cute ko talaga.

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