Best to Worst

October 10, 2008.

The worst day of I cimanians.Extra special din pala.

October 9 pa lang lahat settled na. even though there’s so much to accomplish with regards to the undone projects and hanging presentations. Everything about the “Happy-Ending” is established.


We have the house, the people and of course the liquor. It started well, But I know, an hour from now, something will surely happen, the very thing I wish to stop. But why spoil the happiness?


Go on ride the pleasure.

Take shot



At hilo na ko..


I felt uneasy with the situation. My classmates started to bugle Chinese-words. By then I knew, DISASTER na. But at isa pang malaking BUT, who am I to spoil the party. Go on!









(sungay na lang demonyo na)    


Party people

Party people

Party people

Party people



Then here comes the site I’m afraid to see. Jen (classmate) started to assault every person that comes near to her. Gosh….. Gulo nab a ito. Good thing magaling communication skills ko. Yun napaki uasapan. Kumalama ang gaga.


Kaya tuloy na nag ligaya.


Party people

Party people

Party people

Party people



Ma’am april-Umak

Nandito na ko. San na kayo?


After checking everything and sees that everything is calmed down, I replied.


Opo nandyan nap o!


But then, what a big SHIT! Wala si Ma’am sa overpass ng Centenial. Patay. I’m worried! Kinakabatating na ko. I’ve been there (Kung san si ma’am bumaba) and I know that, that place is the habitat of monstrous persona. I urged my companion and tell him we have to pick up ma’am Leano. Good thing he has Php 14 in his pocket. So we go on picked up our starting -to-be-warm-headed-teacher. Wuisssst. Huuuuuuuuuuu!


Pag tapaos ng paulit ulit na apology, we decided to go.


Yes nasa gate pa lang kame, nararamdaman kong there is something wrong. And my instinct is right. There I see one of my classmates vomiting. SHIT disaster talaga. Dyahe naman kay ma’am.


My conscience is telling me that I shouldn’t have brought my teacher there. Suppose to be she is to enjoy jamming with us not enjoy laughing on us. Being the best among her handled sections it’s a shame to see us this way.


SHIT talaga.


Pero may magagawa pa ba.


Out of this imperfect situation, something perfect makes me smile. Naging close kami ni ma’am. With my constant apology and so as the other, I think she is convinced which make the moment extra special. / A moment that will never be forgotten.


Wag na lang sana maulit.


~ ni tina sa Oktubre 11, 2008.

12 Tugon to “Best to Worst”

  1. hahaha!

    di ko pa natry yang shot shot!

  2. hehehe… ayos!

  3. eloiski: actually first tym ko.

    Yhen: ayos nga

  4. am sure alam ni mam yang mga ganyang drama sa buhay 🙂

  5. hahahahaha! the mere fact that you’re ma’am came, indication na yun na okay lang sa kanya. hehehe! enjoy!

  6. inaamag na blog. just like mine.

  7. kasama yun sa life di ba?

    pwera na lang kung hindi ganon ka-normal yung life mo…


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  9. meri krismas!

  10. tagal ng walang post
    merry christmas!

  11. ui walang post na bago?

    happy new year tol
    welcome 2009!

  12. whew! ayus! hehehe
    salamat sa pagdaan sa bahay ko
    hapi new year!

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