Questions Over The Hedge

Before I wanted to be alone, I wanted to think, to reminisce, and to simply be, me even for a moment.
I’ve waited for this jiffy for a long time, too long that I didn’t notice its advent.

And now that I’ve had it, It seems helpless, boring, tedious, dreary. Though I’ve enjoyed if for a awhile, the fulfillment doesn’t last. Now, Its causing me pain. And it’s been that way for years. I hate it! Hope to get over it.

~ ni tina sa Enero 16, 2009.

8 Tugon to “Questions Over The Hedge”

  1. Parang i’m reading my own personality… hehe!

  2. dahan dahan lang, pasasaan din at malalaman mo kung ano gusto mo talaga 😀

  3. kaya mo yan…

  4. Blog Hop!Nice one! cute Blogger nagpapacute…,
    thanks for visiting my sites!

  5. pag-isipan mong maige kung ano ba talaga ang gusto mo sa buhay..

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  7. woa. u ok? sana maging maayos na po ang lahat sau^^

  8. tsk.tsk.emo. LOL.

    visit mo na lang nga site ko at para magsama-sama lahat ng mga emo.hahaha.

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