Life Between Edges of Ramdom Choice

….It was awful to say that our life worths nothing at all when the reason why were here is but an exclamation point. 


Every people has identical routines. All of us cries, moarn, yearns, laugh! Everyone is wishing, hoping and praying for things they thought was their missing piece.  Everybody seems to be a missing soul, finding their homes though none of them ever sees what they were looking for. 

Most are seeking to find answers for questions  longly answered. Some are fighting for what they think is right while the rest just stay at rest, enjoying what they could enjoy and  just staring at the things that makes them cry.

Constant as the worlds rotation is the corruption of the most intricate being ever designed, changing to as a prestigios one that makes each place as a hermitage not for truth but  for the reversed idea. 

They keep on talking as if they were puzzled.  And keeps on pushing the answers away, until it gets blurded and eventually turns to black which cannot be seen unless lightenned. 

Shading their path to the torch becomes a hobby. Then that hobby becomes a poison, and now its addictive, eventually killling everyone. Noticing nothing until its done putting them six feet under.



~ ni tina sa Pebrero 16, 2009.

3 Tugon to “Life Between Edges of Ramdom Choice”

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