Contradicting my own post…

Quoted: “There’s nothing permanent in this world but changes”
A hostile question is that why is it called permanent if it’s changing.

Things have been abruptly mutating, it’s putting up a curse and I can hardly believe it. Every piece seems to disburse quickly as it astonishes the site of a gentle air breeze of the night.
I come surging in with moon feeling its emptiness though it is compassionately with all the million of glimmering stars. It seems so helpless even if there’s a bounty of abet all a round. I can’t help but to be a complement. As I stand a gazed on it I instinctively hear a sound. They sing me the words of a far-off language. I started to wonder as it leads me to the answer. Now I know what they mean but after the long trail I don’t know why I still choose to be deaf. They keep on hurling things I do discern even before but up to now I want it, repudiated.

I still hope I did believe what the moon says. But how can me if it’s still permanent opposing all the changes. ! even if its with all the effort.

~ ni tina sa Mayo 6, 2009.

4 Tugon to “Contradicting my own post…”

  1. I admire people for contradicting their owns views unlike others who keep telling they still believe but in reality, they are in doubt.

  2. ayon ako kay chyng, mas mabuting aminin ang kamalian kesa sa maging bulag sa katotohanan.

  3. aww may ganun?

  4. just shows that you’re human

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