An gift wrapped in unknown

My father is crazy about a lady and i definitely have to find out who is she.

Well ofcourse  having a nametag of being a chickboy would definitely prefer a man having too much flinging around. And that was my PAPA. He use to go out alot with girls thats why he ended left by my mom, but that was a long story. I just remember it when I heard him knocking at somebody’s name, a girl’s name. He told me that this girl is fantastic, and though I was abhorred to believe it, I don’t have a choice. I think he likes her too much. For the fact that he always mention the name “Susan” (who the heck is she).

Then I came to wonder where he could possibly know that woman.

…later he intruduce her to me

Hurling down the stairs, my father was over reacting calling me to the most vocal way he could, trying to get me on t.v., just to see MS. SUSAN. 

By the way, she was just on the commercial, a contestant to “Britains got talent 2009. But after 3 mins. I instantly become a fan.




Yesterday, I was on the search over the net when my cousin tailed me out to look for the songs of Sarah Geronimo, which I loathe to do at first. (Why? Because I rarely like OPM.) But then she got me, she sways me down after her constant brandish of the mouse.

While having the search I accidentally click on to the suggested names hooked in the history of the net. It was the name Sarah Boyle, I just got interested when the façade picture present Simon Cowell. then i watched it.

I was gazing at the video while my cousin tried to knocked me down but I’m so engrossed that no matter how she bugles around the café, she fall short to annoy me.

After a quite fascination, I now stand with too much amazement. She’s very astonishing complimented with so much surprise that I appraise her outrageously a 9.99 out of 10.

How could i even explain how it was. it’s better for you to see it yourself.



“Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.”

That’s the lesson of the video. As what Amanda commented it is an eye opener, how could everybody be silly about somebodys look without even knowing her.

And for Simon Cowell; he is really the very man nobody can define. Impediment on the ideas of the others. He is a one great apple in the family of oranges.

~ ni tina sa Mayo 20, 2009.

Isang Tugon to “An gift wrapped in unknown”

  1. haha! si susan boyle lang pala eh!

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