A dissapointment in an Expectation Met

Last saturday, we take our first annual qualifying examination in accounting.

It was use to measure our understanhding about the said subject as well as to filtrate the accounting student as to those who would need to take the track of Finace *major.

We’been working for that day all month. Tgether with my colleages, “mga batang umiiyak pag lasing” as what Ms. Leaño, quoted us., we really burn out the midnight oil just to stay intact, believing we will pass together, Through those sleepless nights we’ve been binded by an unreconcillable pathogens taht make our friendship a little more tighter.

After taking the test. i take a deep breathe as i claim: “the challenge is done”, though merely by others it may sound a relief, but for us it delivers victory.


Waiting for the result is the most intricate part. It where faith is tested!

Winding up is the best solution, to knotty situation. And “PINOY HENYO” is one way of doing so.

Donna and Russel is almost dominating the average round when Kuya Rodge interupt.  Knowing him as our 5th yr. schoolmate and friend, he is somewhat to deliver a something we all are very much excited to know.

“Ang mga nag Top sa Test:


Ayun! binanggit nia na,


A big round of applause; It was me who got the acme. I actually did it!

Overall toppnotcher mean one big hell of a good fu*** news.

But how come!





still waiting 4 the other result. I cant say it as an ending but i as i have taken the faith right through HIM, i know we all pass the exam.




~ ni tina sa Oktubre 12, 2009.

Isang Tugon to “A dissapointment in an Expectation Met”

  1. hi tina! sorry ngayon lang, been busy at work. nice poems by the way. so profound. i must admit, you write really well. ako laro laro lang. haha! go easy on the language though 🙂 God bless!

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