Blast of the Battallion

Closed in a fist of an armored battalion was a clamp of overlapping actions

Waves of trees and warmth touch of air breeze gives the feeling of an incoming execution

Staggering moments place me in the crucial reality where I am bound to face the mighty swords of blocks per piece of emotions

I was afraid

Composed of guilt and confusion

Lost and almost gone out of my innate

Headed by galleons, I was trucked in a deep excavation

Thinking merely on how to continue the my march without devastation

Anew of everything, my hearts runs bit by bit, fast, swift, constant

Away from the firing bullets of enmity I try to calm down

But a cannon fires!

Hurriedly I aim for the barb wires, giving up my body off to the Bermuda grass, trying hard to be off stain of the muddy ground, but failed.

I was in agony in hurry and odd

“The cannon are firing”, I shouted

But none of the many heard, with me, only are the shadows of chain of people, still hopping, together singing, as if I wasn’t there, as if I shouted nothing.

All of them except me, everybody’s enjoying.

I was alone, alone, alone

In the room of poor light, in place of the dimming contiguous

I was afraid

I was alone

There the riffle is within me, but the trigger is in far off distance

Somebody familiar has it

An inch between my eyeball, something is begging to come out, but it never did, nor does it been given a chance to be entertained, it was ignored.

The cannon shots again, But nobody stand a chance to react, not even me.

For i know that it’ll be futile. He will never listen!

And so I am afraid, I am alone.

It’s pulling off my dignity

It’s crucifying my integrity

It’s ruining me as an entity

It corrupts my certainty

It turns everything to ambiguity.


~ ni tina sa Pebrero 13, 2010.

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