thinking about ‘TINA’

There’s no such such thing as schooling habit. Most people are only fan of reading and listening, but non of them makes fun of schooling. The ease of graduating sent them home to school, and the notion that keeps them apart with the things they enjoy, are the conviction that their future defends on how they perform on school, which i belief is wrong. Life would turn out to be what it would like to be, we don’t have the capacity to change the future. And i’ll bet: trying a million strategy won’t make it any better.

As a person I enjoy being alone. I demanded nothing inthis world. To be alive is the only thing i would be concern of. 

Definitely, i don’t care about anything, all i know is when i step out of this world, our country is already ruined and i definitely won’t waste my time, thinking how to make it better.  

As a student, i love competitions. In anyway it makes me feels like i’m iminent.It also enables me to do things i never imagine. To sum it up, i’m a better student when i see trills and bineyards behind my success.

Most of my classmates hate me for who i’m, and though i have nothing against them, my heart still manage to be bothered, as if the people around are such precious stones i need to keep in order to gain popularity.  

 I hate people wearing mask. I’m open to talk and to hear comments. There’s no question about my sinscerity of being honest with the feelings i apprehend. 

A trasparrent person are those that are true, but the one having multiple identity are those that cannot gain trust for they are in vain.


11 Tugon to “thinking about ‘TINA’”

  1. nice. makata.
    thingking about ‘tina'”
    sinadya mo bang malian ang spelling?

  2. ah… ok…

  3. ang tipid!
    ano ba naintindihan mo…

  4. ako, i love schooling…haha..

    and schooling is a fun for me…[tama ba yon?]

    learning is just an experience…

  5. leo: talaga! hmmmm…
    nga po pala para sa mga wrong spelling ko, sorry kasi di ko na masyadong nachecheck, pano ba naman, ng re2nt lang ako no!
    mababang uri nga kasi!

  6. hahaha!…halata nga…hindi mo in-approve yung isa kong comment eh…hahaha!..

  7. nasa kabila yun! inaapprove q lahat ng comment noh!

  8. ganon ba?..windang lang siguro ako. 🙂

    wag kang magalit!



  9. eh, baka spam yang comment ni 037..

  10. kung akala mong galit na sa iyo ang lahat, be proud. ^_6

    bakit? one thing for sure, angat ka sa lahat. ^_^

  11. earthlotus: naman. thanks for the compliment. I appreciate.. heheh

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