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Kamakailan lang ay kumalat ang mga sulatin sa iba’t ibang pahayagan tungkol sa napaka kontrobersyal na sex scandal nina Haiden Kho. Iba’t iba ang naging puna ng mga tao, kanyang kanyang kuro-kuro ang namamantayog sa mga t.v ads, mayrong nagsasabing mali, mayroong umiiyak, mayroong nagagalit, mayroong natutuwa (para sa mga nanood), mayroong ding walang pakialam…

sa dinadami dami ng pagpipilian duon ako sa huling kategorya. marahil ngayon ay nagtataka kayo kung bakit ako mag aaksaya ng bente pesos para mag rent ng computer at ilathala ang post na ito. simple lang dahil concern pa rin ako. wala man sa bokabularyo ko ang makisali sa mga usaping pang showbiz heto pa rin ako’t nahikayat na magkumento sa mga nangyayari sa paligid ko.

Can you imagine yourself being in such scandalous video?

“yun ngang machizmiz ka lang na doing such immorality (means having sex even before marriage) with someone e, napakasakit na!. ofcourse we all have our nasty stingy side, but those thing are private, PERSONAL.
Who the hell in this world wants to be a jerk in front of the many! everybody would surely wish to be as pure in the eyes of people around him/her, no matter how sullied a person maybe in the inside, most of the time the important thing to them is the outline(though it sounds pathetic, it’s true)

To Mr. Haiden Kho. I wish I could say how angry am i to you, being a girl! you spoiled every womans purity and for that you must be haul over the coals. Ang swerte mo na nga dahil you can fling around. HAist ang kapal mu talaga bet pa naman kita sa CELEBRITY Duets. hmmmp. grrrrrrrrrrr.

Para sa mga lalaki, having sex is not just merely bursting your semen out, in line with that is the responsibility that you must commit within your partner.
Kaya dumadami ang may STD sa mundo eh. dahil sa mga taong hjinde jayang magpigil.
Sabe nga ng tatay ko, once your a man, yopur a man.
But how crucial is that, does that worth having a miserable life with your wife because you can’t be contented with just HER, or do that worth a bastard children.
Being a man would not compliment having to be with too much girls, but more MAN when he can be with just A WOMAN.

To Ms. Katrina Halili. I know you do admit that in some certain side you do commit a mistake and that you are a part of a sin…..
i do hated you after i heard about the issue,sabi ko pa ang tanga tanga mo, but as a woman I’m in your fight.

Let’s Condemn an Immoral Doctor.

For the Doctors Association: Do some Actions, before you knew it our doctors might be tagged “MANYAK”

Simpleng Manyak

Simpleng Manyak


An gift wrapped in unknown

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My father is crazy about a lady and i definitely have to find out who is she.

Well ofcourse  having a nametag of being a chickboy would definitely prefer a man having too much flinging around. And that was my PAPA. He use to go out alot with girls thats why he ended left by my mom, but that was a long story. I just remember it when I heard him knocking at somebody’s name, a girl’s name. He told me that this girl is fantastic, and though I was abhorred to believe it, I don’t have a choice. I think he likes her too much. For the fact that he always mention the name “Susan” (who the heck is she).

Then I came to wonder where he could possibly know that woman.

…later he intruduce her to me

Hurling down the stairs, my father was over reacting calling me to the most vocal way he could, trying to get me on t.v., just to see MS. SUSAN. 

By the way, she was just on the commercial, a contestant to “Britains got talent 2009. But after 3 mins. I instantly become a fan.




Yesterday, I was on the search over the net when my cousin tailed me out to look for the songs of Sarah Geronimo, which I loathe to do at first. (Why? Because I rarely like OPM.) But then she got me, she sways me down after her constant brandish of the mouse.

While having the search I accidentally click on to the suggested names hooked in the history of the net. It was the name Sarah Boyle, I just got interested when the façade picture present Simon Cowell. then i watched it.

I was gazing at the video while my cousin tried to knocked me down but I’m so engrossed that no matter how she bugles around the café, she fall short to annoy me.

After a quite fascination, I now stand with too much amazement. She’s very astonishing complimented with so much surprise that I appraise her outrageously a 9.99 out of 10.

How could i even explain how it was. it’s better for you to see it yourself.



“Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.”

That’s the lesson of the video. As what Amanda commented it is an eye opener, how could everybody be silly about somebodys look without even knowing her.

And for Simon Cowell; he is really the very man nobody can define. Impediment on the ideas of the others. He is a one great apple in the family of oranges.

Contradicting my own post…

•Mayo 6, 2009 • 4 mga puna

Quoted: “There’s nothing permanent in this world but changes”
A hostile question is that why is it called permanent if it’s changing.

Things have been abruptly mutating, it’s putting up a curse and I can hardly believe it. Every piece seems to disburse quickly as it astonishes the site of a gentle air breeze of the night.
I come surging in with moon feeling its emptiness though it is compassionately with all the million of glimmering stars. It seems so helpless even if there’s a bounty of abet all a round. I can’t help but to be a complement. As I stand a gazed on it I instinctively hear a sound. They sing me the words of a far-off language. I started to wonder as it leads me to the answer. Now I know what they mean but after the long trail I don’t know why I still choose to be deaf. They keep on hurling things I do discern even before but up to now I want it, repudiated.

I still hope I did believe what the moon says. But how can me if it’s still permanent opposing all the changes. ! even if its with all the effort.

Vogue Development

•Mayo 5, 2009 • 3 mga puna

Do you believe in the saying that “the only thing permanent in this world is changing” I bet you do. Together things diversely changes; in just a snap, in just a click of a hand. As water constantly flows and leaves continue to fall, as long as people continue to breath and fish continue to swim; to amend is an impossible dream.

Air blew out my mind as it started to show things of candor maturity. My God! I’m an epoch older as what my tiny brain whisper. How pathetic it is that in just a year the whole lot eventually emerges into something new. My sensitive ogle returns to an infant juncture. Everything is a new!

From my verdict to simple craze to the way I look at those huge trends is a pre-mature mature stage I was certitude to find out. How some I’m so reckless not to see these changes before, when now it is in due course of making an infinitely new outline of the new ME.

Life Between Edges of Ramdom Choice

•Pebrero 16, 2009 • 3 mga puna

….It was awful to say that our life worths nothing at all when the reason why were here is but an exclamation point. 


Every people has identical routines. All of us cries, moarn, yearns, laugh! Everyone is wishing, hoping and praying for things they thought was their missing piece.  Everybody seems to be a missing soul, finding their homes though none of them ever sees what they were looking for. 

Most are seeking to find answers for questions  longly answered. Some are fighting for what they think is right while the rest just stay at rest, enjoying what they could enjoy and  just staring at the things that makes them cry.

Constant as the worlds rotation is the corruption of the most intricate being ever designed, changing to as a prestigios one that makes each place as a hermitage not for truth but  for the reversed idea. 

They keep on talking as if they were puzzled.  And keeps on pushing the answers away, until it gets blurded and eventually turns to black which cannot be seen unless lightenned. 

Shading their path to the torch becomes a hobby. Then that hobby becomes a poison, and now its addictive, eventually killling everyone. Noticing nothing until its done putting them six feet under.


Take A Nap

•Pebrero 16, 2009 • 1 Puna

You know why i get sick of blogging! Its because everytime I am ready to write, its time when i can’t type any.

I loose the words, merely do I ever have them.

Questions Over The Hedge

•Enero 16, 2009 • 8 mga puna

Before I wanted to be alone, I wanted to think, to reminisce, and to simply be, me even for a moment.
I’ve waited for this jiffy for a long time, too long that I didn’t notice its advent.

And now that I’ve had it, It seems helpless, boring, tedious, dreary. Though I’ve enjoyed if for a awhile, the fulfillment doesn’t last. Now, Its causing me pain. And it’s been that way for years. I hate it! Hope to get over it.