Noodles- Japchae

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What is Japchae?

Japchae is a Korean dish so popular and delicious that it was featured at the United Nations Food Festival in 2006. Traditionally defined, Japchae is sweet potato glass noodles with vegetables and meat, but literally it means, “mixed everything,” which makes it pretty tough to screw up!

Japchae Ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1/2 pound of extra-lean, RBST-free sirloin
  • 12 ounces of Korean vermicelli
  • a handful of thinly sliced shitake mushrooms
  • 1 cup each of julienned white onion, carrot, and cucumber
  • 1 thinly sliced red pepper
  • 5 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 3 tablespoons of sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 3 cloves of minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of minced ginger
  • salt and ground pepper
  • sesame seeds

Alternative Japchae Ingredients

There’s a lot of room in this recipe for flexibility, so be creative with your ingredients. If you like spinach or green onions, toss ’em in! If you’re a vegetarian, skip the beef. And if you’re adventurous, try topping off your Japchae with fish cakes, fried egg, or oyster sauce.

There are four basic elements to this dish: the meat, the vegetables, the noodles, and the sauce.

Prepare the Japchae Noodles

Start by placing your noodles in a bowl of room temperature water to soften – about 30 minutes should work, just so long as the noodles become flexible. Next, it’s time to marinate the beef.

Make a Japchae Marinade

In a small bowl, combine the following: soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, garlic, and minced ginger. Now, this mixture is also going to work as your sauce, so take about half and set it aside for later. If you decide to skip the meat altogether, remember to reduce the amounts of these ingredients by half.

Prepare the Beef

Cut your sirloin into medium-sized strips, about 2 inches across. Resist the urge to stab the beef with a fork, which can cause a loss of juices that keep it moist and tender, and submerge in the soy sauce mixture for about 30 minutes.

Stir Fry the Japchae Ingredients

And now it’s time to fry! In a wok or large pan, add a thin layer of sesame oil and set your heat to medium high. As soon as the oil is hot, toss in your mushrooms and stir fry with a dash of salt, for about 3 minutes. Remove the mushrooms from the pan and set aside for final mixing.

If you’re running short on time, you can always stir fry all your veggies together, but, cooking each ingredient separately will allow each to retain its own unique flavor and color for the final presentation.

Proceed with the onion, carrot, cucumber, and red pepper, adding oil as necessary. Next, stir fry the sirloin until it is no longer red, being sure to discard any marinade that has been in contact with the raw meat.

Stir Fry the Noodles

Remove your softened noodles from the water and cut into smaller pieces, then cook them in a pot of boiling water for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring frequently. Immediately drain and rinse with cold water, then stir fry the noodles in sesame oil for about a minute.

Toss the Japchae Stir Fry in Marinade

As we come down the homestretch, toss your noodles, beef, mushrooms and vegetables with the sauce you set aside earlier, adding salt and pepper to taste. Serve on a flat plate and sprinkle with sesame seeds for a final touch. This recipe should generously make about four servings . JapChae is a great “make-ahead” dish that will keep in your fridge for a couple days, but – I can never wait that long.


Blast of the Battallion

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Closed in a fist of an armored battalion was a clamp of overlapping actions

Waves of trees and warmth touch of air breeze gives the feeling of an incoming execution

Staggering moments place me in the crucial reality where I am bound to face the mighty swords of blocks per piece of emotions

I was afraid

Composed of guilt and confusion

Lost and almost gone out of my innate

Headed by galleons, I was trucked in a deep excavation

Thinking merely on how to continue the my march without devastation

Anew of everything, my hearts runs bit by bit, fast, swift, constant

Away from the firing bullets of enmity I try to calm down

But a cannon fires!

Hurriedly I aim for the barb wires, giving up my body off to the Bermuda grass, trying hard to be off stain of the muddy ground, but failed.

I was in agony in hurry and odd

“The cannon are firing”, I shouted

But none of the many heard, with me, only are the shadows of chain of people, still hopping, together singing, as if I wasn’t there, as if I shouted nothing.

All of them except me, everybody’s enjoying.

I was alone, alone, alone

In the room of poor light, in place of the dimming contiguous

I was afraid

I was alone

There the riffle is within me, but the trigger is in far off distance

Somebody familiar has it

An inch between my eyeball, something is begging to come out, but it never did, nor does it been given a chance to be entertained, it was ignored.

The cannon shots again, But nobody stand a chance to react, not even me.

For i know that it’ll be futile. He will never listen!

And so I am afraid, I am alone.

It’s pulling off my dignity

It’s crucifying my integrity

It’s ruining me as an entity

It corrupts my certainty

It turns everything to ambiguity.

My Debut

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Today is my birthday. But it aint a special day,

As for everybody else it is but an ordinary Monday.

It might be a day to celebrate but what for if every day is actually as it is today.

No surprises needed, no party expected, no hilarious things to happen,

That’s it, it’s just a day.

The mere fact that I have been blessed a lot is something to be thankful of. To think that I have extraordinary people beside me is more than a thing to celebrate. To have the Father guiding me all the way is really overgenerous.

So what’s the need to celebrate this DAY if every day is as special as today?!!!

Staring Blankly

•Oktubre 15, 2009 • 4 mga puna

When you’re on top on success of success and you find out that the people closest to you are at the bottom, how would you feel?

Would you throw a rope to help them up? Or you’ll just stare at them while rejoicing, waiting for someone else to help them up?

Would you be firm enough to hold onto them towards a cliff to assist them mounting knowing that a wrong touch could leave them falling?

Imagine playing “Tag of War”, in which your opponent has your Best friend as a front liner. How would you exert your best effort to help your team won when you knew that’s going to burry your best friend down? On the contrary, how would you let your team loose when the dominion of your buddies is as important as to the one on the other side?

It is an imitation of guilt that arises, a refraction of an image, falling out like a broken mirror. Akin to a silk covering a wounded body; delivering a foolish assault of what’s enclosed.

Last Saturday was the moment everybody has been afraid of, same date everybody is praying for, the date of our Qualifying Examination. It is an all-out practice of all Accounting Colleges to conduct a yearly based examination. It is developed to filter deserving accounting students who could still pursue their chosen course.  Failing would mean a great hindrance to achieve once goal; “ The CPA title”

It was a fine day for me to start with; wearing all-red attire makes me rise above the clumping crowd I mumble as I reached the classroom door, still praying until the last minute.

Knowing I am prepared for this exam, pressure is an alien to me. I don’t have any single differing point that could lead to an idea of ‘failing’. As the test papers where distributed I stare blankly at one side of the corridor, giving myself an enormous second to claim; “I would be this years Topnotch.

Afternoon, same date, Top Notches list were posted, my name was listed first. No bizarre feeling was introduced and I wonder why. Having the spot I’ve wished so long should make me jump to so much joy, But none a bliss filters.

A dissapointment in an Expectation Met

•Oktubre 12, 2009 • 1 Puna

Last saturday, we take our first annual qualifying examination in accounting.

It was use to measure our understanhding about the said subject as well as to filtrate the accounting student as to those who would need to take the track of Finace *major.

We’been working for that day all month. Tgether with my colleages, “mga batang umiiyak pag lasing” as what Ms. Leaño, quoted us., we really burn out the midnight oil just to stay intact, believing we will pass together, Through those sleepless nights we’ve been binded by an unreconcillable pathogens taht make our friendship a little more tighter.

After taking the test. i take a deep breathe as i claim: “the challenge is done”, though merely by others it may sound a relief, but for us it delivers victory.


Waiting for the result is the most intricate part. It where faith is tested!

Winding up is the best solution, to knotty situation. And “PINOY HENYO” is one way of doing so.

Donna and Russel is almost dominating the average round when Kuya Rodge interupt.  Knowing him as our 5th yr. schoolmate and friend, he is somewhat to deliver a something we all are very much excited to know.

“Ang mga nag Top sa Test:


Ayun! binanggit nia na,


A big round of applause; It was me who got the acme. I actually did it!

Overall toppnotcher mean one big hell of a good fu*** news.

But how come!





still waiting 4 the other result. I cant say it as an ending but i as i have taken the faith right through HIM, i know we all pass the exam.



Almost half a year.

•Setyembre 24, 2009 • 1 Puna

it was half a year. i miss blogging.

amp. just wanted to share how i been grateful this last few months. HIs revealing his pathway unto me. how grateful i am. with all the sign i was blessed. . I hope you can be able to grab an opportunity like this.

hahaha. I been praying for the OCT. %’s qualifying exam. Hoping to get nearer the tip-line or better be on  tip.


•Hulyo 10, 2009 • 1 Puna

As one cloned empirical tattoo
Gone grow with full blast shadow
Evenly like turnstile of an eye blow, ado!
Forfeit the vermillion clothed with silky tone blue.

With millions of sand, come shattering
Overflowing it’s ungrind meaning
Defining once being
By the colors that crash through your sight
To the scoot flow that vagabonds even the blind
Digging as cats, cowling painter that shots to the mind,
It was me in a bottle, lonely but can grin.

The sword between my sockets
To the ants within my jacket
Up to the coins that has gone my pocket
All do venture me that tailed my pillow wet.

The fusion of both earthquake and hell
Come sees the vision of a tragic mutual bell
But as to the wish of an upcoming dwell